Satisfied Kittens and Cats

Date: 06/06/19

At night, Milo sleeps with me and Leo with Ellie. They are together all day. 

-Stephanie Wood

Date: 9:27/2009

I am very happy, except my mama can't seem to setle on a name for me.

I am very good and I play, sleep, eat, and purr. oh and I never miss the litter box. I am confined to my mamma's bedroom right now, but it is big and I like it. I am good not to wake anyone up too early, but when I know someone is awake, I go up on the bed to get kisses and purr for them. there are cat steps to the bed, and I figured that out right away.

I went to my mamma's office today and everyone thought I was wonderful/ and then I went to the vet. It was not too bad, except when they cleaned my ears... I didn't really like that, but I got over it. the vet says I seem to be very healthy, and liked my paperwork from the other vet.

**do you need for us to send you any paperwork from the vet? ** I miss you and my kitty friends, but I think I got a great home!

Leslie ( vet tech friend) came to see me today also, and she loved me! 

Thank you for being my cat mama and taking good care of me so I could go live with sally and david. they love me I can tell, and I will be very happy here. I will let you know when I get a permanent name!

Date: 9/28/2009

I am eating like a little pig.. I never missed a beat! I miss you and my friend kitties, but I am not letting my new mamma know that. I think this lady really likes me, and she really needed a sweet kitty because she had a big "hole in her heart" from losing her only kitty, so I am filling it up! Thank you for having me as long as you did... don't cry sad tears if you can help it, cry happy tears that you blessed me and these people with such love. I will keep in touch!

ps. I tried to play on a computer screen with a little boy that was playing games at the front desk at the vet today... they were impressed. I will make you proud, don't worry.

(( if you want to put my letters to you on your web site, that is okay with me))  merlin is my newest " maybe name"... cause I am magical!  and some lady came to see me today and called me butter bean! whew... be glad when I have a name!