Holyfold Scottish Folds

Folded and straight eared sweet kittens
A DNA tested & PKD Negative cattery
CFA or TICA registered CH lines


Holyfold Stainless Steele
Sire: Hitraya Mordashka Baldemar
Dam: Holyfold FrostedFlakes
Owner: Stephanie Smith
Breeder: Stephanie Smith  




Hitraya Mordashka Baldemar

Sire: Blues Moi Moi

Dam: Lucky Stars's-OrangeCat's Fabbi

Owner: Stephanie Smith 

 Breeder: Elena Bushueva




Timeheart Eric Flapton of Holyfold

Sire: Holyfold Give Me Smores

Dam: SGC Holyfold La Fiesta 

Owner: Stephanie Smith 

Breeder: Susan Hamrick

Holyfold Give Me S'mores

 Sire: Holyfold Prince of Peace

Dam: Holyfold Bobbie

Owner: Stephanie Smith

Breeder: Stephaine Smith

                        Available Boys for Sale 

 Super sweet British Shorthair spayed, loves men....not so much lots of kids $800.00 1 year old.