Holyfold Scottish Folds

Folded and straight eared sweet kittens
A DNA tested & PKD Negative cattery
CFA or TICA registered CH lines

Happy Birthday Delilah

It has been almost 21 years since I feel in love with the Scottish Fold breed. The cat that started it all turns 21! She is enjoying her time in her forever home:

"This is what Delilah does best - sleeping and warming my lap! She still isn't very good in the litter box! According to your website you got her in 1997, so I guess she is 21. I thought she was born in 1998, but I can't find her papers at the moment to check. I'm just glad to have her. She doesn't look very pretty. She stopped grooming a very long time ago and any attempts to groom her cause unheard of distress. She had some seizures several months ago - frightening- and I don't want to risk that again. Well, if she doesn't mind looking ratty, I don't mind either.
She's still the best lap warmer ever! Hope all is well with you and all the kitties."

Julie - Delilah's Mom