Holyfold Scottish Folds

Folded and straight eared sweet kittens
A DNA tested & PKD Negative cattery
CFA or TICA registered CH lines


Kitten season for the Spring is just around the corner. Be sure to get on the waiting list if you are looking for something specific. Be sure to let me know if you are looking for a specific color and breed.

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Reply Natalie Gooch
5:26 PM on June 12, 2011 
My husband and I are interested in a Scottish Fold kitten...color doesn't matter but I think we would prefer a kitten with folded ears rather than straight. Please contact me if you have any kittens available. Thank you.
Reply Acenocoomiure
8:25 AM on June 5, 2011 
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Reply Jennifer Hill
4:00 PM on June 4, 2011 
I am looking for a napoleon. Do you ever have these kittens?
Reply m.k
1:10 AM on June 1, 2011 
yes we have orange fold,you can contact me ivanmar777@gmail.com
Reply Amanda Gaviorno
3:11 PM on May 23, 2011 
I'm looking for an orange fold, with perferably small folded ears. short hair, or long hair. :) Let me know if yu get one! :)
Reply Lynn Morris
7:16 PM on May 16, 2011 
I already have a Scottish Fold that I rescued 13 years ago. Love her so much that I want another. Really like black or black and white, but could fall in love with any short hair fold. Please put me on the waiting list. Thanks.
Reply RAchel bailey
8:36 AM on May 9, 2011 
Am searching for a long haired breed that is best around children. Mild mannered 7 year old girl wants kitten to love and cherish. Looking to adopt mid august.
Reply Claire
3:05 AM on May 2, 2011 
I am really interested in scottish fold. But here is South Korea, i want to know if it is possible to get kitties from you to here. Please let me know!!
Reply Dara R
9:54 PM on April 29, 2011 
My boyfriend and I are interested in getting a Scottish fold kitten. No preference in color or breed particularly. We have just wanted one for a couple years. Please let me know if you have any kittens soon!
Reply christy
3:40 AM on April 29, 2011 
Hello. I'm really interested in a scottish fold kitten. I absolutely fell in love with my friend's kitty. I'm getting married in 5 weeks and will be looking to adopt shortly after my wedding.